5 Reasons Why Your Website Doesn’t Get Many Visitors

So you launched a website, but you’ve noticed that you don’t get many visitors. Why is that? Here are five issues that could explain your lack of web traffic.

1) It Isn’t Promoted Regularly Click Icon

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean people will know that it exists. It needs to be promoted on a regular basis. Don’t go silent after your site’s “grand opening.” Keep talking about it!

How do you talk about it without spending big bucks? Well, you probably already have at least one marketing component that’s underutilized.

  • Business Cards – Include your site’s URL and/QR code
  • Email – Add your site’s URL to your email auto-signature.
  • Marketing Materials – Again, include your site’s URL and/or QR code to brochures, newsletters, promotional goods, and any other physical marketing items that you provide to customers.
  • Retail Location – Use your in-store advertisements to direct people to your website.

2) You Need SEO Services

 Search engine results are critical. Why build a site just to have it buried so deep in search results that even you can’t find it – despite knowing that it’s there? Don’t let your site be a needle in a haystack.

Obtain search engine optimization (SEO) services to help your company gain a favorable position in online search rankings.

3) Your Content Is Outdated

Avoid letting your site’s content become irrelevant and stagnant. Even past site visitors will stop having a reason to navigate to your site if the information that they find never changes.

This does not mean that you need a complete dump of all of your content. Just add information on a regular basis.

  • Post Seasonal Messages – Use your online real estate (your website) to post holiday greetings, acknowledge a change in seasons (e.g., “Welcome Spring!”), or even celebrate an employee’s birthday.
  • Promote Campaigns – Add information about company sales events and customer contests.
  • Include Blog Postings – If there’s a demand for your products and services, there’s a demand for your opinion. Take a few minutes to jot down thoughtful tips that customers will find helpful.

4) Navigation Is Difficult

If your website is difficult to navigate, you’ll lose people. In a society where consumers obtain information by using devices that fit into the palms of a hand, the last thing anyone wants to do is fumble around a clunky site.  Simple changes, such as alphabetizing menus and categories, inserting content into reasonable places (e.g., your contact information shouldn’t’ be buried in your product page), and ensuring that links still work will go a long way toward your visitors’ experience.

5) It’s Visually Unappealing

If your site looks like it was created shortly after the term “website” entered our vernacular, you should consider getting a site refresh.